1.  I want to accept your bid, what’s my next step?

Send in your signed contract by fax, mail, or email or deliver to our office in person and you will be added to our scheduling queue.  After the contract has been signed and submitted, we collect a 1/3 down payment.  Once established, our project coordinator will contact you with a projected start week.  You may not immediately receive a call; our scheduler is working hard to coordinate your project and will reach out to you.

2.  When will materials for my roofing project be delivered?

In the majority of cases the materials will be delivered the same day as the start date.  Using a crane truck, the shingles will be loaded onto the roof.  However, depending on the steepness of the roof or location of trees or power lines, the materials may be placed on the ground near the house.

3.  Is debris likely to enter my home?

There is a chance some debris will enter your home.  If you are concerned, there are a few steps you can take to prevent it affecting your life.   Cover any items of concern that are not already in sealed containers.  Close all windows and avoid opening them until all work is complete.

4.  Do I need to protect anything inside my home?

Working on your roof may cause some minor disturbances in your house.  It is important to secure objects on shelves, hanging pictures, or any other item which may fall.  Please make sure all hanging lights are secured properly.  Kaufman Roofing is not responsible for any objects that fall inside your home while working on your roof.

5.  Will my gutters be cleaned after work is completed?

Yes, our crew will clean and remove debris that collected in you gutters from the work we performed.  However, any previously existing debris that was in your gutter prior to the job is your responsibility.

6.  What happens to my satellite dish during/after the installation?

If attached to your roof, we will temporarily remove the dish and replace it when the work is complete.  The majority of the time once we reattach your dish the signal will return.  However, if the signal does not return, you will need to contact your satellite provider and have a technician come out and adjust it at your expense.

7.  Where will the dumpster be placed?

Typically, dumpsters are placed on your driveway with wood positioned under the dumpster to protect the surface of your driveway.  In some cases, a trailer is used instead of a dumpster.

8.  Can I use my driveway during the roofing project?

We advise our customers to limit driveway use until the work is completed.  During the daytime hours our workers will need full access to the driveway area.  At the close of each day, we will clean the work site, however there is always the possibility some debris will remain until we do our final clean up on the completion of the project.

9.  Do I need to be home while my roof is being worked on?

It’s not necessary to be home while the work is being performed.  In many cases, people choose not to be present, because the work is often loud.  Once the work has begun, for your safety, we recommend you limit your time outside, as falling debris may result in personal harm.

10. Will my roof need to be sheeted?

According to manufacturers’ specifications and in order for your roof to pass inspection with the city inspector, roof boards need to be sheeted with 3/8” plywood if there is any gapping 1/4” or greater, if the roof boards have dry rot, or if the roof boards are wider than 6".  We take pictures to document the issue(s).  It is impossible to know if your roof boards need to be sheeted over, until your old shingles are removed.

11.  Is the cost of roof board replacement included in my bid?

Roof boards that do not meet manufacturers’ specifications are typically sheeted over with 3/8” plywood.  However, in some cases, such as rotting, they will need to be replaced and that is not included in the original estimate.  It cannot be determined if your roof boards need to be replaced until the old shingles are removed.

12.  What happens if there is damaged or rotted wood?

If any damaged or rotted wood is discovered on your old roof, we will make sure your roof is safe for you and your family.  We will take pictures to document the issue and we will fix the issue at an hourly rate of $79 plus the cost of materials.

13.  Will water pond on my flat roof?

It is almost impossible to eliminate 100% of flat roof related ponding.  Therefore, some ponding is expected and will not compromise the integrity of your flat roof.  However, the amount of water can be somewhat controlled.  When possible, using tapered insulation or adding a roof drain to expel water can help reduce water buildup.  Ask your estimator for the best solution.

14.  What should I do if I want to add to my bid?

Contact our office as soon as possible and notify us of your existing estimate and we will schedule a time to have your estimator revisit your house to get the appropriate measurements, materials list and supporting documents.  In some cases, your estimator may be able to give you a verbal quote over the phone.

15.  What happens if my job gets delayed?

Do not panic, issues such as weather, illness, and unforeseen job-related delays cannot be avoided.  We work our hardest to ensure the rescheduling of your project is addressed swiftly and with as little stress to you as possible.  Our project coordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible to reschedule your project for the soonest available opening.

16.  What happens after my project is completed?

Upon completion of your project, the final invoice will be emailed or mailed to you.  For jobs requiring complete roof replacement, you will be given the opportunity to meet with your estimator to receive warranties and lien waver in exchange for final payment.

17.  What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, with the option to pay online.  We also have financing options available through Wells Fargo and Synchrony Bank.  Ask your estimator for details.

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